Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Will Obama Say?

In a few hours President Obama will present his State of the Union address. Some people anxiously await what our President will have to say while others aren’t looking forward to it. Many will believe most of what Obama says is utter B.S. some will believe what he says is golden and that he is doing the best job anyone can for the country. Others will be angry and-some-are rooting for his impeachment. (One day I will go into all the reasons why some Democrats, Independents and Republicans would love to see our historic first African American President hit the streets despite his recent re-election.)
There a few things I look forward to hearing with the State of the Union (not in any particular order).
1. The Unemployment Rate- Currently 7.9% (a rise in January, although the economy is showing signs of improvement. Okay??)  
2. Immigration. (Illinois now grants drivers licenses and the like to illegal immigrants. We can’t support our own citizens. Why support illegal immigrants? Let’s see what Obama has to say for that!)
3. This isn’t one I look forward to him addressing although I have read many will - the climate – not a major concern next to some of these other problems.
4. This is my major issue! 2nd AMENDMENT! This is the big one on the State of the Union I look forward to hearing more about. With Sandy Hook shooting, the ex-police officer on a killing spree and all the other things you have been hearing on mainstream media I look forward to the President explaining how he and his affiliates are going to take away my right to defend my person and my family.
5. The war. As long as soldiers are deployed and are meeting resistance in the combat forms there needs to be concern about our men and women.
6. South Korea and their nuclear testing. Today on the news I learned about South Korea’s third nuclear bomb underground testing. What is America, and their United Nations, going to do about this? This is ridiculous and must be dealt with. If America tends to stay one of the strongest nations- and I pray we do- this will be something that we cannot allow. The nuclear weapons that we launched on Japan during WWII was the first mistake and America cannot allow other nations (including ourselves) have this kind of power over other human beings with such weapons.
                (This brings me around to the second amendment again, we can’t have guns and ammunition to protect ourselves but South Korea can have nuclear weapons! Come on America put on your big boy panties’!)  
Maybe America will get positive answers with completed promises. But mainly we will probably get the run around. No answers. No hope. And a bunch of lies. Either way it will be an entertaining speech.

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