Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Smart Guy

The video I will discuss below will not be found on mainstream media. However it needs shared and its message needs heard. Pass it along.
 I have always believed in the 2nd Amendment and my right to protect myself as well as participate in the sport of gunned hunting. Just today I safely and legally took to woods and fields to hunt coyotes with my families bolt action .22 Magnum rifle.
With all the gun bashing by Washington, and to be quite frank, other outspoken people who don’t know the facts or the have enough common sense to own a gun safely themselves. But these are probably the people that text and drive and blame Apple and Honda for the crash.
It’s the same concept. Same idea. Guns don’t kill people, dads with pretty daughters do. Well that’s not a good example. But you get the idea. If guns kill people, forks make people fat, cars make people speed, pencils’ misspell words and Washington makes politicians stupid. Well the last one can be debated.
When I saw this video had been shared to my Facebook newsfeed I was intrigued. Of course “Sandy Hook Father Owns Congress” as a title was sure to grab my attention. I’m not a revolutionist I believe the American government despite its current pathetic state is still the greatest in which to live under. But having a good hearted average American tell the rich politicians how we average Joe’s will not be treated is pretty cool in my book.
While the wake of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, and yes lets clear this up right here and right now, there was a tragedy, little innocent children did die and there should be no one even remotely convinced that this is an entire conspiracy theory when little angles were taken to heaven cruelly. (Did the government possibly tweek some things to have the tragedy help their own agendas? Probably but that’s not the point.) Anyways, some people believe that guns should be banned, especially people whose children where in the school that day.
I have lived through some terrible losses but however I could not phantom losing a child especially in that way. Yet, if my child had been killed or in the lock down that day the first thing I would do would most certainly not be handing my guns over to the government. The police are wonderful but it is not possible to protect every man, woman and child every moment of every day. Therefor I would most likely place my guns and ammunition (make note that I currently only own guns of a sporting nature nothing that resembles military or home defense weaponry) where it could be easily accessed so that I could protect my children and they would feel safe.
Applause for Bill Stevens for feeling the same way. Not only does what he state that the politicians have the right to protection why don’t everyone? He mentions how illegal and asinine the legislation to ban guns is as stated by the Constitution. Applause to Bill for standing up for Newtown and the children in it by knowing that lockdowns and 9-1-1 isn’t always enough.
Sometimes you really have to fight fire with fire.
The youtube link to to video is posted below.

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