Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Follow Up to the State of the Union

My follow up to the State of the Union Address, that I just finished reading the text of via The New York Times website - – will be short and not-so-sweet. I have been mortally embarrassed and yet not shocked by what Obama reported.
He reported to us nothing that most of the general public did not know. He did not offer valid solutions, truly inspiring and hopefully words as we have come to respect and love from many of our former Presidents. But perhaps people just do not speak in such pretty language to give such a nation strength no more.
Obama did not offer us solutions to our immigration or gun control or many other pressing subjects that we need action from in the highest form of our government. Rather he tooted his own horn about issues that- while hold some or great importance – he has claimed to have “fixed”. The economy, please don’t make me laugh. To many I know firsthand including my household is without a job.
His fix to the healthcare solution. I’m 19 years old and had taken time off from college because I choose to work, had I choose to stay in school I would have been in great debt I’m sure and yet his “joke” of a solution is too expensive, and still doesn’t cover anything for me. For a simple doctors visit I will pay almost 80 dollars, the excludes no medicine, and no tests if needed. Just because my father was injured in a work related accident and put on disability when I was in middle school, and that insurance no longer covered me once I turned 18.  
He did not mention how he or the rest of Washington will handle the 2nd Amendment debate; although he addressed the situation he did not address a solution. But I won’t be the first to tell you, that they will pry my 2nd Amendment and my gun out of my cold dead hands.
Obama gave us no hope, and still ended his speech with God bless America. A man who is, to my understanding- not of a religion where he has the right to use those words. A political ploy and a slap across the face for Christians and American’s who believe in one true God. It’s one thing that we allow any religion to be practiced in America – we are the home of the free- and that should be allowed. They want to take God out of my country though that was built by good Christian men- that is something that is just wrong. But to allow the countries “Great Father in Washington” disrespect our religion? Gives me great question to our morals.
What do you think about the State of the Union Address? Did it meet your standards? Or do you find me totally incorrect? Opinions are always respected and welcome.

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