A Little Background on Me and Moving Up.

First off, if you have made your way to my blog and are now reading this, thank you! Also be forewarned that this blog doesn’t fit into most categories, I will write this most of the time on a very informal level, consider most of what you read to be a one way conversation (although feel free to comment!) . For further information on just what most of this blog will contain, check out the first blog post, My Introduction and Warning. But to go along with everything that says let me give you just a little more background on the blog itself. I chose the title “Moving Up” because there wasn’t just one title that would fit everything I would write about. However, Moving Up sounded like what I was trying to do.
If you had read a few of these blog posts you know my struggle to survive the death of my boyfriend and best-friend whom we lost back on November 15th 2012. After hitting the worst low in my life I felt that there really wasn’t much else that could go wrong. The only place I could go from there on was up.
I have been critiqued by some for the current camo background. But as you will find out, if you haven’t already, that it fits my persona perfectly. I’m a camouflage girl, raised redneck and bon-a-fide country with a decently good passion for hunting and the outdoors. (As I write this there has yet to be a hunting post but give it time!)
As the Introduction and Warning says, this blog isn’t for the easily offended. I am a rural Illinois girl as you may already have read, and I will piss people off with my views and beliefs (which if you read A Futuristic Illinois post, I’ve probably already done that.) But then again this blog isn’t for people who don’t believe what I do.
I am trying to become writer by trade. Which means I have articles on Yahoo! and a book, Summer’s Ridge available on Amazon for Kindle (and in paperback by the end of March fingers crossed!)
If you don’t like the blog, feel free to let me know. If you like it the same goes.
Hope you enjoy!
Kendra Plunkett

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