Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Introduction and Warning

This is not a blog about just one thing. Not about writing, or movies, or music. It’s not about business, or sports or love. It’s a little bit of everything because this blog is about LIFE. Moving Up is about my struggle, my happiness, my fight to enjoy the climb but one day reach the top of the next mountain.

I was the small town girl who loved hunting, fishing, farming, western movies, music and books. I feel in love before my first day of college and was helplessly giving my life to someone. That worked fine for fifteen months, until my grandparents walked into my house with news that would shatter my world. Jason, my everything, was killed in a work accident.

The blog isn’t even entirely about that. Like I said before, this is a blog about life. My open diary, my open portal to the world to share everything I know about life, God, love and pain in hopes that God forbid one day, it might be able to help someone else’s broken heart.

You will find random things will be posted on here. Book reviews, because I should warn you, I’m a writer and author of a book you better read and adore Summer’s Ridge. There will be music reviews and play list suggestions, because I love country music it’s the best medicine for a broken heart, trust me. There will be random stories I want to share but have really nowhere else to publish them.

There will be posts about farming, animal farming included and hunting. I’m an animal lover though, you can’t appreciate the sport of hunting or the profession of farming and not. However if you a save the animal person and think the Second Amendment should go, leave this site now.

I will rant, I will rave, and I will probably tick some people off at some point. If you’re easily offended about health care, social security, politicians and the constitution and have I mentioned my right to bear arms as a lower middle class citizen? If so then ignore this blog too. Respect my beliefs and my 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech and I’ll respect your right to hate all things our forefathers gave us.

But if you’re a red blooded redneck country folk or someone who shares similar beliefs, we should get along just fine, just fine.

I enjoy entertaining you.


Kendra Plunkett

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