Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Racisism... Again...

Here’s what I don’t understand with the race issue. It’s something that should have been dead and buried years ago. I’m twenty-year-old white girl from Illinois. ILLINOIS not Chicago. Big difference. I wasn’t at the sit-in’s and walk-out’s. I wasn’t there for the race riots or the march on Washington or for Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream…” speech. I sure as heck didn’t own no slaves.
Yet I feel as if I am being judged more because I am white than anything else. Somewhere along the lines the race issue flipped. Instead of finding a middle balance we pushed things beyond a point of return once more.
I’m not an Obama supporter. Half of what this blog has said proves that. However, I wouldn’t like him if he was white, black, Asian or Native American. Lately, I have seen that things changed more and more in this direction.
This year at the Missouri state fair a rodeo clown got a little out of hand. The clown dressed up in an Obama mask and mocked the president. Many called it racist. How, I ask, is this racist? First off it breaks out first amendment right as our freedom of speech and allowing us to critique the government. In 1994 a George H.W. Bush rodeo clown, or the Clinton, or the Reagan clown be allowed and nothing was said about it. Why? Because it wasn’t a race issue with Bush same as it isn’t a race issue with Obama. It’s an idiot President issue.
There are so many people who say that President Barrack Obama is the greatest President. Maybe one day he will do something to earn that title. But political issues aside you can’t say that he did something great based on the color of his skin. Yes he did something never been done before. A colored man in the White House. Yes, it was a step forward in American history - yet there was something that went wrong.
Lil’ Wayne. The name fits because he is indeed a lil’ man. Trampling on the American flag. Disrespect in the highest. Then he goes even farther disrespecting the soldiers who protect the flag he disgraced. Disgracing soldiers while wearing uniforms as fashion statements. Writing sickening “song” lyrics. If Lil’ Wayne can exercise his 1st Amendment right and not be punished or thought ill of while disgracing America why can’t Tuffy Gessling, the Obama clown, be treated the same way?
There are scholarships I can’t apply for because they are for African-American’s only. Schools proud of being for mainly blacks only. Black Entertainment Television. Black dating sights only. If any of these things said white in its place all hell would break loose again. It wasn’t that long ago that there were white only places. Charles Drew was the doctor who created large scale blood banks and allowing soldiers especially during the Vietnam era to be saved by his blood transfusions. A war fought in the midst of the race wars. A man who was rumored to have died after a car accident in April 1950 because the doctors at an all-white hospital refused to treat him.
Everyone knows that Martian Luther King Jr. had a dream. He dreamed that his four little children would be judged on their content of their character not by the color of their skin. Here in the 50 years after that speech I have that same dream. That one day I and the rest of my American people, no matter the color of their skin, be judged by their character. Not their skin, their level of class, the money in their bank account, or their appearances, but by what’s in their heart and soul. Their minds and morals.

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