Monday, April 8, 2013

Hunting Bigfoot

Hunting of just about any game entices me. Whether to take part in myself or just hear about it. But this is a hunting of a different sort. Hunting the un-findable and the un-killable. Hunting Bigfoot.
As a small girl I recall my grandfather, always the ultimate BSer trying to convince my older male cousins and several of their friends that Bigfoot was real and that he lived in a holler a few miles from where I grew up. The boys being around fourteen were convinced enough that they wouldn’t go into that patch of woods in broad daylight with loaded guns for a good many weeks. (Even though now they would never recall such an incident happening lol!)
I know my Grandpa was just pulling their leg and trying quiet successfully to scare them. But over the years as TV shows, books, and websites have become dedicated to the hunting of the large cross between modern man and bear it seems that there is some question to what really lurks in the woods. I for one must admit as an hunter I’d like to believe I am the biggest baddest thing in the woods when I’m armed-so I myself try not to believe in the hype.
But just a few years ago farmers from my area had believed to see a Bigfoot like creature by their cattle just after a snow. Old timers freaked out enough they wouldn’t even feed their cattle after dark? That left me wondering what they saw and added extra curiosity to the topic.  
It appears to be that many people have reported a same idea when it comes to the Bigfoot. Whether it’s ideas that has been fed to us by Hollywood or by just simply knowledge we store in the back of our head about other sightings that we use as details when we believe we have had an experience of our own.
It seems like most of the sightings I have read about seem to offer the same general facts. 1. The creature is always tall, towering above 7 feet to sometimes reaching even 10 feet in height. 2. The creature is always some sort of brown in color and is covered in hair completely like a bear would be. 3. The creature is almost always followed by a foul smell, similar to that of a skunk although those familiar to the outdoors claim that the off odor is different. 4. The creature makes a loud whooping sound often followed by a high pitched scream. Avid hunters and outdoors people say that this sound is much different than any noise they have ever heard and cannot place it to any animal, especially one that would be native to their respective areas.
Some other strong similarities that seem to be producing trends is that most Bigfoot sightings occur in Northern America, often times in the Canadian area and in the Northern US states although several have been spotted in Texas. However some avid hunters have reported sounds much similar to that of the Bigfoot occurring in Southern IL (my home state) just this last fall. This sound, the hunters claim is like nothing they have ever heard in the woods before and cannot identify it to any animal.
The Bigfoot seems to have put a fear into most animals as well.  This is similar to experiences that people have reported their animals acting when experiencing paranormal activity. Animals are reported to being on edge when Bigfoot is nearby. Dogs do not want to go outdoors and into the woods. One story reports that a spotting of what is believed to be a male, female, and offspring living in a small patch of woods where deer and bears alike have wondered into and ran back out moments later.
One inconsistency with reports I have read are the Sasquatches diets. One report states that they are vegetarians who only occasionally feed on fish (I’d feel safer if I believed that but I don’t). Another reports that I have found, written by loggers have said they discovered deer skeletons. Not unusual of course especially in bear country, but the skeletons had been dissected. The man reported the bones had been broken apart and separated and nearly organized by size. Something a bear would not be capable of.
Other reports have said where one woman’s dogs awoke her early in the morning just after dawn and she went downstairs to the door where the knob was jiggling as if someone was trying to turn it and walk in side. When the activity stopped and she looked outside she saw a tall brown shaggy creature running along the tree line.
Other scary reports say that people feel as if prisoner in their own homes after hearing strange sounds and seeing Bigfoot creatures as close as ten feet away. Those feel scared to go outside after dark and have said they feel as if they are being watched from the windows of their homes.
Where Bigfoot dwells is another issue. We already know that most reports of the creature say it tends to live in more secluded well forested areas like the Northern parts of North America and occasionally Texas. However some people go as far to say they have seen places where the creature sleeps- similar to a wolf or bear living in a den. One man from the British Columbia area states that he followed large foot prints to a crude shelter made of limbs. Similar to what a child might make a club house out of. This is the same man who had reported finding tree limbs snapped off at high reaches of 7 to 8 feet and as fresh as a half hour old, appearing sometime during his lunch break from mowing his land. The man had also reported as if feeling watched and while on a careful look out for bears experienced odd noises.
Other reports from Texas say that a man and his son frequently see their local Bigfoot. They claim he often times bangs on the tin of their barn and appears fascinated by them as they are with the creature. The state that something one night after hearing strange and frightening noises coming from outside that they found a solid wood post that had been set in concrete snapped off. They claim that this Bigfoot likely dwells in an underground cave and tunnels as local hunters have never spotted the Bigfoot in the woods during the day.
Every Bigfoot spotter has their own stories, and the evidence, pictures and the like often have the faults especially in the world of modern technology where computers can manufacture and alter just about anything. But a complete non believer can be turned in just one experience.
But if it’s not a Bigfoot in the woods what is it that is stalking people? Scaring them witless and making these unheard of sounds? Most traits seem to be extremely similar from report to report and for many of these things no other creature seems to fit. A large bear or moose could be responsible for the breaking of limbs, a skunk for the odor, an owl or large cat responsible for the night screams but what about those who have met the Bigfoot face to face? What can possibly explain the fear put into grown men?
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