Thursday, March 7, 2013

Take Back the Jersey Shore

Rediscovered First Year College Paper
Everyone knows of the Jersey Shore main characters Snookie, JWOWW, Mike “The Situation”, and DJ Pauly D. Even those who don’t watch the show see the names and faces of these people splattered everywhere: talk shows, the news, and on the magazine covers that line the grocery store check-out lanes. The fact that these people are household names poses a problem. While many people follow MTV’s Jersey Shore and addictively watch every episode, not many people consider that the cast’s actions are an embarrassment which should not be aired on television.
The Jersey Shores most embarrassing action is their sex lives. Many parents face the constant fret of their teenage child participating in sexual relations, especially casual ones, before he or she is ready, yet they do not spend enough time protesting the acceptance of casual sex on television. The “smush room” is one of the most wide known pieces of the Jersey Shore cast home and therefore the show. A room that is strictly dedicated to the casual sexual affairs of the casts members that serves its purpose well. The fact that Snookie herself will only disinfect the “smush room” while wearing plastic covering her entire body, including her face, (no one ever said Snookie was smart). Perhaps even worse than the “smush room” is something the creator SallyAnn Salsano said when asked if any of the casts members had contradicted STDs from their loose relations, her response was she does STD tests on the cast members regularly and that the cast is handed Valtrex, used to treat genital herpes, like they are “M&M’s”.
Next, the Shore members are also known for their immense partying, as the entire purpose of the show. The clubbing and often un-responsible drinking are showcased regularly on the episodes and in off seasons in tabloids. Snookie is famous for flashing complete strangers after having one too many drinks. Many of times the girls are caught by paparazzi, in photo shoots, or proudly out in public showing off their bodies in revealing bikinis and sometimes in clothing that is just as revealing. Even clothing lines like Abercrombie and Fitch have offered to pay the star Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino not to wear their merchandise as they feel his behavior would hurt the company’s reputation.
 Also, since Jersey Shore members are considered “celebrities” they are treated as such. JWOWW called off in order to get her nails done, and upon telling her boss this she gets away with it because after all, it’s all on camera. The average American would probably have been fired over this. Snookie was arrested recently following wrecking into a police car. She was not intoxicated at the time but she has been arrested for drunken disorderly conduct on more than one occasion. Ronnie, another cast member, has been arrested for outstanding tickets. The coverage their arrests received only got them more free publicity and the fines are always quickly taken care of and they return to their lives doing exactly what they did before. No amount of fines would change the cast’s unruly ways as the arrests are not uncommon among Shore members.
If parents would be mortified by their children acting like these Shore cast members how do we promote it and allow our children to watch and simply add to the stereotype that American teenagers and young people are just that stupid. When Jersey Shore went to Italy to film I am sure that they even dumbed down our reputation more as the world got a few more laughs at them Americans.  

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